Ayurberry, an Ayurvedic division of Lumaire Labs Pvt. Ltd. is a patient-focused, value-based, R&D-driven pharmaceutical company committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people worldwide. Our passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in over the past twenty years with our state of the art WHO ‒ GMP complied manufactured facility at Paonta Shahib, Himachal Pradesh India.


Ayurberry (a division of Lumaire Labs Pvt. Ltd) is relentless in pursuit of scientific progress and in identifying unmet medical needs by monitoring the changes in healthcare from multiple perspectives. We are committed to the realization of greater value by patients and healthcare systems. We achieve this by leveraging our strengths to create innovative new drugs and to find solutions that drive patient access to healthcare and better outcomes.


Ayurberry runs a health care business, starting with medicines. In the same way as a medical facility, we have a role in society to protect people's health and create a rich and healthy community. We also believe it is our responsibility to achieve production activities with the environment in mind, given the fact that we are a manufacturer that deals with production.
Here we will explain about the rolll we must flfill in society.
1BONLUM SYRUP Shankhpushpi 1000mg + Brahmi 1000mg +Jyotishmati 200mg + Agar 200mg + Vacha 200mg+ Ustkhadus 200mg + Gwarpatha 200mgBrain Tonic Syrup200 MLBOTTLE
2CERTO SYRUPCarica Papaya 1200mg + Mandukparni 400mg +Aloevera 200mg + Amla 200mg + Haritaki 100mg+ Giloy 100mg + Methidana 100mg + Kiwi 100mg + Punernava 100mg + Tulsi 100mg + Trikatu100mgFor Low Platelet Count, Dengue Fever200 MLBOTTLE
3BERSIM SYRUP Gudmar Buti 800mg + Mal Kangli 200mg +Chirayta 100mg + Shilajit 50mg + Tejpater 400mg+ Ashwagandha 200mg + Vijaysar 500mg+ Methi500mg + Karela 500mg + Jamun 500mgDiabetes Mellitus, General Weakness due DIABETICS200 MLBOTTLE
4STONERIP SYRUP Boerhllavia Diffusa 500mg + AmmoniumSubulantum 200mg + Crateava Nurvala 500mg +Dolihas Bifforus 400mg + Tribulus Terristris 400mg+ Bergenia Ligulata 400mg + Hedychium Spictlum300mg + Mimosa Pudica 200mg + Butea Frondosa 200mgFor Stone Removing200 MLBOTTLE
5SETFIN Laxative Powder Isobgol 40gm + Yashtimadhu 5gm + Senna 15gm+ Harad 10gm + Kali Mirch 5gm + Amaltas 5gm +Ajwain 5gm + Gulab Sajjikhar 5gmHerbal Fibre Laxative100 GMBOTTLE
6IMUSINGiloy Tinospora cordifolia ST 500 mg. + Kali Mirch Piper nigrum FR200 mg. + Ashwgandha Withania somnifera RT 200 mg. + Gokhru Tribulus terrestris FR 100 mg. + Bel Pathar Aegle marmelos FR 300 mg. + Neem Alhagi camelorum AP 300 mg. + Panch Tulsi Ocimum sanctum AP 500 mg. + Triphla Ayurvedic comp. formulation 500 mg. + Khubkala Sisymbrium irio SD 300 mg. + Saunth Zingiber officinale RZ 200 mg. Indication: Boosts Immunity, Reduces Stress, Anxiety, Signs of Aging, Fights Respiratory Problems500 ML BOTTLE
7CURILUMCURCUVAIL Curcuma Longa Rhizome Extract 250mg st. To Curcuminoids Water Dispersible 100 MLBOTTLE
8SAFEMINMoringa Oleifera leaf powder 200mg + Leaf Extract 200mg + Seed Extract 200mg TAB 5X2X15ALU-ALU
9IMUZESTCurcumin C3 Complex® + Saberry® Amla fruit extract etc., : Shagandha™ Ashwagandha root extractWithania somnifera standardized to 2.5% etc.,RESPIRATORY BLEND: Vasaka Leaf extract Adhatoda vasicastandardized to 1% Vasicine 50mg etc., : Olive Leaf Extract Olea europaeastandardized to 12.5% Oleuropein 50mg etc: Selenium SeleniumSelect® Pure S-+-2-Amino-4 methylselena-butanoic acid 40mcg etc.,: Vitamin B1 1.4mg / Vitamin B2 1.6mg/ Vitamin B3 18mg / Vitamin B5 4.5mg + Vitamin B6 2mg etc., 10X10ALU-ALU
10AYURBERRY VEGINAL WASHTriphala Extract* 4.0 mg + Cabbage Rose Extract Rosa centifolia*Fl. 3.6 mg + Elaichi Extract Elettaria cardamomum* Fr. 3.6 mg + PunarnavaExtract Boerhavia diffusa*Rt.3.6 mg + Stone Flower Extract Parmelia perlater Wl.P1.2.0 mg + Nirgundi Extract Vitex negundo*Lf. 1.6 mg + Turmeric ExtractCurcuma longer Rz. 1.6 mgNatural Ayurvedic Vaginal Wash 100 MLBOTTLE
11FEMIZULE CAPSULEAshwagandha 75mg + Shatavari 75mg + Bala 50mg + Saunth 50mg + Safed Musll 50mg + Patha 50mg + Daruhaldi 50mg + Makoy 25mg + Methi 25mg + Loh Bhasm 25mg + Trivang Bhasm 25mgFemale Health Capsule for Uterine1 X30BOTTLE
12BONAFIX CAPSULEAshwagandha 100mg + Hadjod 650mg Bone Capsule1X30BOTTLE
13IMUZESTPapita Patra 150mg + Giloy 100mg + Tulsi 100mg + Shallaki 50mg + Pomegranate 25mg + Ashwagandha 25mg + Neem 25mg + Harad 25mg Immunity Booster Capsule1X10BOTTLE
14HARSUMAshwagandha 60mg + Arjuna Chhal 100mg + Bhringraj 60mg + Sarpagandha 50mg + Brahmi 60mg + Saunf 50mg + Harad 50mg + Shankhapushpi 70mg CholesterolCardiac Health / Wellness Capsule1X30BOTTLE
15MIGMULAkarkara 50mg + Dalchini 50mg + Badaam 100mg + Pippali Mool 50mg + Ustukhuddus 25mg + Chakshu 25mg + Jay Phal 50mg + Kantakari 50mg + Malkangani 50mg + Kali Marich 50mgMigraine Relief Capsule1x30BOTTLE
16LUMPUREAshwagandha 50mg + Kalmegh 100mg + Kutki 50mg + Shilajit 20mg + Bhringraj 20mg + Bhui Amalaki 50mg + Manjistha 50mg + Amla 100g + Neem 60mgBlood Purifier Capsule1X30BOTTLE
17LUMRELIFSuranjan 50mg + Pippali Mool 50mg + Guggulu 100mg + Methi 50mg + Lasun 50mg + Ghritkumari 50mg + Nirgundi 50mg + Saunth 25mg + Nishoth 25mg + Ashwagandha 50mgJoint Pain Relief Capsule1X30BOTTLE
18ECTABOOMAshwagandha 50mg + Talmakhana 50mg + Malkangni50mg + Stavari 50mg + Kaunch Beej 50mg + Safed Musli 50mg + Jaiphal 50mg + Gokhru 25mg + Tamra Bhasm 5mg + Shudh KUchla 25mg + Widarikand 25mg + Khurasani Ajwain 25mg + Shilajeet 25mg + Vang Bhasm 10mg + Parval Bhasm 10mg + Abhrak Bhasm 15mg + Loh Bhasm 10mgSEXUAL WELLNES CAPSULE10X1X10ALU-ALU
19DIASEM Each 10ml Contains: Gudmar Buti 800mg + Mal Kangli 200mg +Chirayta 100mg + Shilajit 50mg + Tejpater 400mg + Ashwagandha 200mg + Vijaysar 500mg+ Methi 500mg + Karela 500mg + Jamun 500mgFor Diabetes Mellitus, General Weakness due to Diabetes200 mlBOTTLE
20HEMASUDH Neem 400mg + Majeeth 400mg + Vasaka 400mg + Daruhaldi 200mg + Khair Chhal 200mg +Chirata 200mg + Guduchi 200mg + Pitapapra 200mg + Kalmegh 200mg + Amla 200mg + Harad 200mg + Gorakhmundi 200mgBlood Purifier Syp200 MLBOTTLE
21DARDSUN Saunth 200mg + Bach 200mg + Ajwain 200mg +Sarpgandha 200mg + Siras 200mg + Nirgundi200mg + Vatsnabh 200mg + Kuchla 200mg +SaindhaNamak 200mgPAIN RELEF OIL100 MLBOTTLE
22ISLEX Isobgol 40gm + Yashtimadhu 5gm + Senna 15gm + Harad 10gm + Kali Mirch 5gm + Amaltas 5gm +Ajwain 5gm + Gulab Sajjikhar 5gmLaxative Powder100 GMBOTTLE
23PEDURA Bhumyamalki 140mg + Yestimadhu 200mg +Rohtika 40mg + Punernava 300mg + Pittpapra80mg + Daruhaldi 80mg + Pipplimool 60mg +Bhrunraj 80mg + Arjuna Chhal 80mg + Makoy 50mg + Amla 50mg + Kadu 100mgPEDIARIC DROPS30 MLBOTTLE
24LIVOSOLPunarnava 300mg + Kalmegh 300mg + Kutki 50mg + Bhumi Amla 300mg + Kasni 200mg +Bhrinraj 300mg + Amla 300mg + Harad 300mg +Daru Haldi 300mg + Vidang 200mg + Pitpapra 200mg + Kakmachi 200mg + Rewend Chini 150mg + Ghrit Kumari 100mgLIVER TONIC200 MLBOTTLE

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