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Thiago Healthcare, the Orthopedic division of Lumaire Labs Pvt. Ltd. is a patient-focused, value-based, R& D-driven pharmaceutical company committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people worldwide. Our passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in over past twenty years with our state of the art WHO – GMP complied manufactured facility at Paonta Shahib, Himachal, Pradesh India


Thiago Healthcare (a division of Lumaire Labs Pvt. Ltd) is relentless in pursuit of scientific progress and in identifying unmet medical needs by monitoring the changes in healthcare from multiple perspectives. We are committed to the realization of greater value by patients and healthcare systems. We achieve this by leveraging our strengths to create innovative new drugs and to find solutions that drive patient access to healthcare and better outcomes.


Thiago Healthcare runs a health care business, starting with medicines. In the same way as a medical facility, we have a role in society to protect people's health and create a rich and healthy community. We also believe it is our responsibility to achieve production activities with the environment in mind, given the fact that we are a manufacterer that deal with production.
Here we will explain about the role we must fulfill in society
1SONERIDTolperisone 150 mg tablet10X10 ALU-ALU
2THIALONE 4Methyl prednisolone 4 mg tablet20X10 ALU-ALU
3THIALONE 8Methyl prednisolone 8 mg tablet10X10 ALU-ALU
4THIALONE 40Methyl prednisolone 40 mg injection40 mgAmpoule
5THIARIDETrypsin chymotrypsin tablets 100000 AU10X20 ALU-ALU
6DROTLUMDrotaverine hydrochloride 80 mg tablets10 X10 ALU-ALU
7DROTLUM MDrotaverine hydrochloride 80 mg Melanfic acid 250 mg tablets10 X 10 ALU-ALU
8THIARIDE BATrypsin 48mg Bromelain 90mg Rutoside trihydrate 100 mg Aceclofenac 100 mg tablets10 X1 X10 ALU-ALU
9THAIRIDE APTrypsin Chymotrypsin 50000 AU Aceclofenac 100mg Paracetamol 325 mg10 X 10 BLISTER
10ETOLUM 400Etodolac 400 mg Tablets10 X10 ALU-ALU
11THIACEF 400Teicoplanin 400mg InjectionVialVIAL
12THIACEF 150Tolperisone 150mg TABLET10 X10 ALU-ALU
13AMIXITE 250Amikacin Sulphate 250mg Injection25 x 2 MLAmpoule
14AMIXITE 500Amikacin Sulphate 500mg Injection25 x 2 MLAmpoule
15AMIXITE1000Amikacin Sulphate 1000mg Injection25 x 2 MLAmpoule
16XELSTIC Cefoperazone 1000mg Injection with WFIVIALAmpoule
17XELSTIC FORTECefoperazone 1000mg + Sulbactam 500 mg Injection with WFIVIALAmpoule
18XELSTIC PLUSCefoperazone 500mg + Sulbactam 500 mg Injection with WFIVIALAmpoule
19SYLOWELL 100Allopurinol 100mg Tablet10 X10 ALU-ALU
20SYLOWELL 250Allopurinol 300mg Tablet10 x10 ALU-ALU
21NORTSINNortriptyline 10mg + Pregabalin 75 mg Tablet10x10 ALU-ALU
22LUMDECNandrolone Decanoate 25mg +Benzyl Alcohol Injection1X1 MLAmpoule
23LUMDECNandrolone Decanoate 50mg +Benzyl Alcohol Injection1X1 MLAmpoule
24KEMSINKetorolac Tromethamine 10mg (Disp. Tabs.)10 X10 ALU-ALU
25KEMSIN INJKetorolac Tromethamine IP 30mg10 x 1MLAmpoule
26COLSIMColostrum 500mg Capsule10 x1x10 BLISTER
27OMELUM -MINOmega-3-Fatty Acids(EPA & DHA), Amino Acids,Ginseng,Green Tea,Grape Seed, Ginkgo Biloba Extract,Citrus Bioflavonoids, Choline Hydrogen Tartrate,Inositol, Minerals, Vitamins, Garlic Powder & Lycopene 10% Soft Gel Capsules 10 x1x10 BLISTER
28THIARIDE ATrypsin - Chymotrypsin 1,00,000 I.U.+ Aceclofenac 100mg TAB10x10 ALU-ALU
29THIARIDE BRTrypsin 48mg + Bromelain 90mg +Rutoside Trihydrate 100mg TAB10x1x10 ALU-ALU
30ETOLUM 600 SREtodolac 600mg (Sustained Release) TAB10 X10 ALU-ALU
31ETOLUM PEtodolac 400mg +Paracetamol 325mg TAB10 x10 ALU-ALU
32PIRSEM 20Piroxicam 20mg (Disp. Tabs.)10 x10 ALU-ALU
33PIRSEM 40 injectionPiroxicam 40mg injection 10x 2 MLAmpoule
34LUMEXICA 16 SRLornoxicam 16 MG SR TAB10X10 ALU-ALU
35LUMEXICA INJLornoxicam 8 MG INJ10 x 2 MLAmpoule
36LUMEXICA 8Lornoxicam 8mg10X10 ALU-ALU
37LUMEXICA PLornoxicam 8mg + Paracetamol 325mg20X10 ALU-ALU
38DIASEMDiacerein 50mg + Aceclofenac 100mg 10 x10 ALU-ALU
39DIASEM GDiacerein 50mg + Glucosamine 750mg10 X10 ALU-ALU
40CEFRILUM 250Ceftriaxone Sodium 250mg Inj250 MGAmpoule
41CEFRILUM 1000Ceftriaxone Sodium 1000mg Inj1000 MGAmpoule
42CEFRILUM 500Ceftriaxone Sodium 500mg + Sulbactam 250mg Inj500 MGAmpoule
43CEFRILUM 2000Ceftriaxone Sodium 2000mg Inj2 GMAmpoule
44CEFRILUM 1.5 GMCeftriaxone Sodium 1000 + Sulbactam 500mg Inj1.5 GMAmpoule
45CEFRILUM 375Ceftriaxone Sodium 250mg + Sulbactam 125mg Inj325 MGAmpoule
46CEFRILUM 187.5Ceftriaxone Sodium 125mg + Sulbactam 62.5mg Inj187.5 MGAmpoule
47CEFRILUM 750 MGCeftriaxone Sodium 500mg + Sulbactam 250mg Inj750 MGAmpoule
48CEFRILUM 1.125 GMCeftriaxone 1000mg + Tazobactam 125mg Inj1.125 GMAmpoule

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